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Shark Attack Form

Date of Attack     


First Name  

Last Name 



State  Zip



Date of Birth 



Sex Male        Female  Color of exposed skin 
Longitude   Latitude 
Body fully clothed?   Yes    No 
Type and color of clothing    
Activity at time of attack       

Describe type and color of equipment used in this activity

Victim's Recovery

Yes  No  Photographs of injury:  Yes  No 
Photographer's Name
Hospital Name
Attending Physician
Species of shark
Identified by   
Number of sharks involved

 Description of shark:


Name Address Phone

Length of time in water prior to attack
Location of attack
Distance from shore Depth of attack   Time of day 
Water Temperature Air Temperature  Estimated    Taken 
Weather conditions

Sea conditions Water visibility 
Water depth at attack location
Description of ocean floor at attack location
Deep water channel or drop off at attack location   Yes    No 
If yes, distance from attack location
Kelp present at attack location Yes   No 
Distance from kelp
Amount and location of kelp 
Were marine mammals present at or near attack location Yes   No 

If yes, location, number, and species of animals:


Unusual behavior of fishes, birds or marine mammals prior to attack Yes   No 

If yes, type of animal and behavior observed:


Collecting of marine animals prior to attack Yes   No 

Type of animals collected prior to attack:


Number of marine animals collected prior to attack
Method of collection and length of time
Aware of sharks presence prior to attack: Yes   No 
Aware of prior attacks at the same location: Yes   No 
Sharks sighted at this location prior to your attack: Yes   No 
If yes, date of previous sighting
Witness to previous shark sighting

Attack description:  Describe in detail the movement and behavior of the shark and victim prior to, during, and following the attack.  Describe rescue, nature of injury, emergency and subsequent medical treatment


I understand that upon submission of this form I will have donated the above data to Ralph S. Collier and/or the Shark Research Committee for their ongoing white shark research projects including white shark/human interactions from the Pacific Coast of North America.  I voluntarily donate this information to further our knowledge of the white shark and its interactions with humans.

First Name  

Last Name 



State  Zip




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