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Pacific Coast Shark News 2021

The following reports for 2019 are provided as a public service. They are intended to inform our visitors of current shark activities along the Pacific Coast of North America. To review Pacific Coast Shark News for 2003 click here, for 2004 click here, for 2005 click here, for 2006 news click here, for 2007 click here, for 2008 click here, for 2009 news click here, for 2010 news click here, for 2011 news click here, for 2012 news click here, for 2013 click here, for 2014 click here, for 2015 click here, for 2016 click here, for 2017 click here, for 2018 click here, and for 2019 click here.


Canoga Park, CA   —   News stories from 2021 will appear here.


UPDATE - October 4, 2021 - This is what Carolyn Anne said about her recent trip to Guadalupe Island:"I just came back from Guadalupe with the Islander. This was my third trip and it was unbelievable. So many sharks, so much action and they are breaching full out of the water like I’ve never seen before besides on Air Jaws! If anyone is on the fence, just do it. You will not regret it one bit!" Juliet Conniff, Islander Charters reported "The season has been great so far with John telling me last night (9-26-21) that it is the best he's seen in 17 years. The weather was gorgeous and loads of sharks, with many breaches, he said 'the water has been like a swimming pool with excellent visibility". Has a Great White Shark dive trip to Guadalupe Island been a dream for you? Would you like to live 'Shark Week' and experience the adventure of a lifetime? Well, here is your chance to fulfill your dream because a last minute cancellation has opened up space for my 2021 Shark Research Committee Guadalupe Island Expedition. The dates for the SRC trip are November 9 - 14, when the larger female Great White Sharks historically frequent the island. If you would like to reserve space please contact me at;   sharkresearch@aol.com  .




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